The Peak Living Community Foundation of Manitou Springs grew from the work of the Peak Living Project, a citizen initiative begun in 2012. It is a direct response to the aspirations of our community to support residents as we pursue individual and collective health, healing, and wellbeing. We are grounded in the unique culture, geology, environment, aspirations, and needs of our community. We continue to build on our heritage as a special place for physical, social, and spiritual vitality.

Our Foundation will provide financial resources for community projects that promote lifelong health. We entend to inlist the support of our local government, school district, and existing community organizations in pursuit of Peak Living. In building this Foundation, we hope to be a model of a robust participatory process in which all residents who chose to be involved are valued. As a new Community Foundation, we need your time, talent, and treasure. We are delighted to work with individuals and families to design a personalized legacy gift program.

Building Community Awareness & Connections

Building Community Awareness & Connections

Since 2012 the Peak Living Project organized and hosted community health and wellbeing events including Manifest 2014 & Waterfest 2016. Waterfest brought together mineral springs owners, operators, and users from the Rocky Mountain Region and beyond to explore the geology, hydrology, health benefits, business, culture and history of mineral water.   Check out the What We Do page for our many other activities. 


Our Principles & Values

  • Encourage and support personal accountability for one’s own health and well-being.

  • A culture of health and well-being is an important part of the history of Manitou Springs. 

  • Individuals and communities need education, leadership and support to achieve fitness, health and wellness goals.

  • Manitou Springs can derive positive economic benefit from an increased focus on health, healing and well-being.

Community Partners

The Peak Living Community Foundation works with community partners who can help fulfill the visions and objectives of the Foundation while furthering the mission of the partnering organization.  We actively collaborate with the City of Manitou Springs, D14 Partners for Healthy Choices, the Manitou Springs Chamber of Commerce, and other community organizations to help Manitou Springs to become THE place for health, healing and well-being.  Community Partners generally provide resources, expertise and connections to help us achieve our vision.