Peak Living Community Foundation, Manitou Springs CO supports residents as we pursue individual and collective health, healing, and wellbeing. We help create programs and projects that promote physical, social, and spiritual vitality. We will provide financial resources for community projects that promote lifelong health through increased physical activity, eating well, creating a sense of belonging, and lifelong learning.

What We've Achieved

The Peak Living Community Foundation collaborates with local governments, schools, and community organizations. Through these partnerships we create a positive environment for healthy choices for all forms of physical, spiritual, and community activities. 

  • Operated as the Peak Living Project (2012) through a fiscal sponsorship with Pikes Peak Community Foundation.

  • Created a fiscal sponsorship with Pikes Peak United Way to operate as a 501 (c)(3) organization (2017).

  • Developed our vision, mission and working plans to help Manitou Springs become THE place for health, healing, and well-being. 

  • Encouraged a culture of physical activity, healing and well-being through collaboration with the City of Manitou Springs, Live Well Colorado, D14 Partners for Health Choices, the Mineral Springs Foundation.

  • Presented at the 2013 Colorado Sustainability Conference

  • Helped create and run Manifest 2014, a day-long celebration of fitness and health in partnership with the United States Olympic Training Center.

  • Accepted as an Encore Fellowship site for a part-time executive director, funded through Intel  

  • Assisted with annual Community Health Fair.

  • Developed the framework for Manitou Springs to become a HEAL (healthy eating, active living) city.

  • Organized Waterfest 2016, a multi day celebration of our mineral waters.